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You can choose a product category from the menu below or use the search box to find more recipes. If you find the below money-saving advice, natural remedies, down-home tips, household hints, and product recipes useful. Frugal lab rat at your service. By the way, in case you didn’t know, I am not only frugal but I am also a bit of a Mad Scientist, and a concerned scientist too. D laboratories of the largest chemical company in the world. I have a Biochemistry background as well, so I have a pretty good understanding of how and why most store-bought health and beauty products and household chemicals can damage our health and the environment. So I’m always looking for new safe formulations to help others reduce their consumption, expenditure, and toxic chemical exposures.

I really do enjoy chemical tinkering, experimenting, and inventing. I enjoy reverse engineering products to create cheaper and safer alternatives. This page is a collection of some of my kitchen lab formulationsIT’S ALIVE! If you find this page useful or have any of your own effective homemade recipes for household products, please do share your tried and true recipes by leaving your comment at page bottom. I’ll bet your Facebook and Twitter friends will absolutely love you for sharing this extensive collection with them, so please use the share buttons at the top or bottom of this page. This is by far one of the largest lists of homemade recipes on the web and it will continue to grow. So be sure to sign up on my mailing list in the right column to get notified of future updates and other exclusive tips and bonus materials.

Please pay it forward below. You will help change the world for the better. I hope you save lots of money and have as much fun as I do making and using some of the below recipes. Making home-made laundry detergent, to name but one, can be a fun family project. So do consider getting the kids involved with helping you mix up some of these. Kids love homemade experiments, and helping to make some of these thrifty recipes will teach them self-reliance and show them that not everything has to be bought in a store.

This may even inspire them to become a young scientist, like I was when I was a kid. Who knows, it may start them on a path toward a career that improves the greater good of all. By the way, some of the below recipe ingredients are a bit old-fashioned and thus can be difficult to find. I will be adding links to discount suppliers where you can get them in bulk quantities cheaply or you can use the search box below to find the best deals. Please be aware that your use of any information here or elsewhere on Frugalicity. The following homemade household product recipes are not necessarily tested or guaranteed safe, effective, or complete. You are solely responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from your use of any information given on this page or site.

Please check our Terms of Use for complete disclaimer information and do your own due diligence and testing before attempting to utilize any of the information found here. Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener. The below Homemade Laundry Detergent and Homemade Fabric Softener recipes can save you a lot of money and your health too. They are also more eco-friendly laundry alternatives. Many expensive store bought laundry detergents and fabric softeners are some of the most toxic household products in the average home. Expensive heavy duty chemical laundry cleaners and fabric softener have been implicated as being possible causes of breast cancer.

So the below safe, simple, and cheaper homemade alternatives will possibly extend your lifespan as well as your dollars. These simple, cheap, and easy batch recipes are also great family fun to make together. The kids will love helping with these diy «kitchen sink experiments». It’s like applied chemistry and ecology meets home economics. Best of all, the below easy frugal home-made laundry recipes will cut your laundry bill to just pennies per load. And it works great in both top load washers and high efficiency washers, though you may have to experiment a bit to see how much works best for you and your machine.

In place of the Fels Naphtha or Castille soap bars below, you may want to give Dove Sensitive Skin bar soap a try instead. This homemade liquid laundry detergent is simple to make, much safer, and much cheaper than name brand detergents. To make a 5 gallon bucket of this cheap detergent first get a large pot and heat on medium about one half gallon of water in it. While your water is heating up, grate a whole bar of Ivory soap, or Castille soap, or Fels-Naptha soap. Add the grated soap to the hot water and heat on medium heat. Stir continuously until all the soap melts into the water. Remove the pot from heat after soap has totally dissolved into the water. 25 cups of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda. Stir this mixture well until all solids dissolve. Then top off the bucket with more hot tap water and stir well again. Let set up over night. It should coagulate into a gel or just thicken somewhat, but that depends on what type of soap you used. Regardless of whether it is watery or gel-like the next day, it should still work well.