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Water crystals break visible light into a spectrum where red has a lower visible frequency and violet has a more highly visible one. Black light has many applications. For example, most money bills and some documents have markings that are visible under black light only, to prevent counterfeiting. UV light is also used in art to create drawings visible only under UV lighting. UV lights are used in crime scene investigations. Have you ever seen a purple toilet? It’s so the staff can see where one has urinated over the edge.

See where this is going? Cat urine literally glows when exposed to the black light. What type of black light devices should you use to find cat urine? Many types of black light devices are available on the market, with varying prices and sizes. The most popular are bar-type lamps, which use fluorescent UV bulbs, and small LED flashlights. LED UV lights outperform fluorescent lights.

But you also need to take a look at wavelength. LED UV lamp — best tool to find cat urine. LED lamps are generally stronger. They are considerably stronger if you need to find cat urine. By stronger, we don’t mean the actual visible light, which does not make cat urine glow, but rather the UV light it emits. The most important feature to look for is wavelength!

Most flashlights are marked to indicate what wavelength they emit. You are most likely to see LED lamps with 400 nm, 385 nm, or 365 nm in general stores. DO NOT buy lamps with a wavelength of 395 or 400 nm. The number of LED bulbs also makes a difference in how easy it is to find cat urine. For household use, you can easily go with 9 or 12 LED bulbs in a lamp. Any additional bulbs will increase the price.

You can find black light lamps in hardware stores, in pet stores, and online. 30, which means that the technology is affordable as a household item and is not high-end technology that is only available to scientists. You can find cheaper ones, too, but most of them perform poorly because the UV light they emit is not optimal for finding cat urine. How do you find cat urine using a black light? You now have the equipment, and you are ready to investigate a crime. It’s as simple as point and look, but following are a few tips to improve your search.

It will be easier to find cat urine if you dim the light in the room. Search in the evening, or with blinds closed and lights out. Turn the black light on and shine it on different surfaces. In general, if you are looking for house-soiling locations, you must look on all the horizontal surfaces, including bed sheets, furniture tops, bookshelves, your clothes, and even in sinks and bathtubs. If your cat is spraying urine, look on vertical surfaces as well, especially near doorways, passages, and corners. Turning on the black light the first time might be scary because everything may be glowing.

All you have to do is determine whether what you are seeing looks like something else. If your cat has been urinating outside of the litter box for a while, you will see bright spots and weaker spots. If you find just a few locations, you can try to remember them. However, if you are dealing with a seriously bad kitty, you can apply tape to those locations so you can find them later. Remember to clean an area somewhat larger than the area you discovered with the flashlight. First, doing so leaves no room for error. Finding the urine is just a single step in a path to making your house free of litter box problems. Should you buy a color TV for your cat? There are two of us behind this website: Maris, who is a biologist and cat behaviorist, and Signe, who is a veterinarian and pet groomer. Why does placebo work on dogs and cats? Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?