Pet urine smell out of wood floors

But do you know how to get dog pee out of carpet? We’ll give you some expert tips on how to get dog pee smell out of carpet for good! What’s the Best Way to Get Dog Urine Out of Carpet? When your dog pees on your carpet, there are a few issues you have to address — the smell, the carpet stains and how much the carpet is saturated, i. What’s the best dog urine remover? Place a few layers of paper towels over the affected area of the carpet to soak up the urine. Cover the paper towels with several layers of newspaper.

Once the urine is soaked up, rinse the area with cool water, and be sure to soak up the water with towels or a wet vac. First, thoroughly rinse out the stain with water. Make sure you use plain water — it works better than adding chemicals. Tip: Don’t use a steam cleaner! The heat from a steam cleaner permanently sets the stain and odor. Follow instructions carefully and test out a hidden area of the carpet to make sure the neutralizer doesn’t stain. Allow the spot to completely dry.

If the urine has soaked into the padding under your carpet, you may have no choice but to replace that area of the carpet and padding. All of our top picks are dual-action, so they work as both a pet odor neutralizer and a pet stain remover. Find out how to get urine smell out of carpet below. Oprah, a Pet Stain Removal Expert? Oprah Winfrey is an expert on many things, including best stain removers. And she even recommends one of our top picks! If you’ve tried everything under the sun with no success, we hope we’ve given you the cure for how to get dog urine out of carpet, as well as other tips for pet stain removal.

We did our research to help you not give up hope! You don’t have to live with the smell of dog urine, get rid of that dog pee on carpet today. What’s your secret to getting rid of pet pee odor? Sign up to Receive our Free Dog Guide E-Book and Monthly Newsletter! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Sally grew up in a feline-only home, but cat allergies in her early 20’s made it an easy transition to dog ownership.

No longer a cat person for obvious reasons, Sally is now a true bone-ified dog lover. We have used a steam cleaner. The stains are gone, but the smell is still there in some spots. Any advice on how to get rid of the smell? It saved my carpet big time! How to get dog urine smell out of carpet from my experience.

We were with our dog when she had her accident inside so we were able to act fast. We blotted the area with a rag to try and pick up as much urine as possible, then sprayed the area and let it set in for a while. Then scrubbed really well and we haven’t noticed a smell or any stain. I’ve been looking for how to remove dog urine smell from carpet and think I found the answer. My family grew up using Resolve and I remember it not working. However, when I got married my husband swore by it, so I gave it another chance.

They must’ve changed their formula because it actually works! Great article Sally, definitely covers this topic in-depth! However, we’ve got some carpets in a rental apartment that have old, and I mean really old, and now somewhat crusty, pee. What would you recommend as the best carpet cleaner for old pet urine? That’s a great question Gary. Regarding how to remove dog urine from carpet that has set in, we recommend the same products and techniques. People really rave about Nature’s Miracle and some members of our team have used it as well. We’ve read that it performs well for urine that has dried up, so I would recommend purchasing it and seeing how it works. I used a rented carpet cleaner extractor which is way more powerful then the home versions and the Nature’s Miracle posted above, not the gallon type. I really thought it was a lost cause but it worked! If wood sub floor pull carpet completely out allonh with padding and discard. You don’t have to cut the sub floor out, if you do it right and there is no visible stain on carpet you can replace the area of stained padding for the sub-floor paint over affected area with kills paint, available at Walmart and lumber stores return carpet to use. That’s the problem with people these days. Animals are not old rag dolls that you just throw away when they make mistakes or are sick.