Do cats spray poop

In the photos the wire stands out, but when it is given a light spray paint coating of brown, it blends right into the dirt it sits on. Feel free to paint whatever color works for you. Since installation, almost one year now, Our flower beds have been poop free! I hope this solves the dilemma facing many owners of gardens everywhere.

They are a specialized and effective type of spike strip made specifically for deterring cats and raccoons from areas. The spikes would keep the cats from attempting to poop in the area. Sometimes they will poop without digging. I wish I had seen this before buying those pricey pigeon spikes. I will try this at the end of the week. I’ll need to try this. I live in a rural area and deer and rabbits are a problem.

An alternative might be a type of mat that has a cattle fencer attached, once stung by voltage they shouldn’t return. Plastic lattice looks great and can be cut to fit inside containers. Wood chips are nice on the ground—cats don’t like them. I would hate for a toddler to fall on the spikes. Neighbour’s cat picks the wood chips around our outdoor table to leave its deposits. Have talked to them several times to no avail. Also crouches on them to hide and kill the songbirds at my feeder.

Orange and Lemon peels also keep cats away! I see a big problem with this, the spikes not only are Harmful to animals but also to any person not wearing shoes or if someone Kneels on it while weeding. Can we say a serious ouch. Spikes are not harmful to animals, they are smarter than the average bumpkin who would kneel on the wire knowing its there. If they didnt know its there they are peeping through my windows and deserve pain. Fill up a bottle of water and make sure the bottle is transparent, place in the middle of he garden. Once the wire is installed there is no maintenance.

Plants will happily grow through the holes. If you need to plant large seedlings, just cut a few of the wires to form a suitable planting hole. Cats like to scratch in some kind of liter before they do their business. I don’t make the ‘spikes’ as I have found that they try scratching it once and then find that it’s not the right dumping ground. The first time I placed the wire on the ground it was summarily removed. A thin layer of mulch disguises it quite well. Don’t use bark from nurseries, the pieces tend to be too large which just gives more scratching material and defeats the whole object of the exercise.

3 for a pack of 25. Lay it over your flower bed, stake it down and trust me, your cats won’t be interested. It’s not as much fun scraping around when they’re getting their claws caught in the netting. I tried this over my potted plants a few years ago, but the chicken wire kept popping up. I’ll have to try it in my garden beds next year, however. Let your inbox help you discover our best projects, classes, and contests. Instructables will help you learn how to make anything!

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