Cleaning services

Are you looking for a Reliable Office Cleaning Company in London? Are you tired of the sloppy cleaning service they provide? Kent, Surrey and Essex that can be customised to suit your needs. You would be glad you did! Our experienced team of cleaners will disinfect, wipe, clean, wash, scrub, mop, rinse, polish and leave your office looking spotless each day!

We are very meticulous in our approach. Our team of dedicated cleaners will follow your specifications to the very last detail. In addition, we will adhere to all relevant health and safety requirements. When it comes to cleaning, Citywide Cleaning is your reliable, trustworthy cleaning partner. It would be our pleasure to serve you. Please speak to someone in our team today about the special offer!

We are one of the best office cleaning companies in London. We have the capacity to handle all types of cleaning building contracts, we have and will continue to support small, medium and large-sized companies with their cleaning and hygiene needs, we simply have the best cleaning operatives on our books to meet your requirements! We are aware of the various challenges business leaders face in the marketplace. We want to be your partner in creating the right image for your Organisation. From the moment a Client walks, we want them to be impressed with the cleanliness and orderliness of your offices. The last thing you want to be dealing with is an unreliable and inefficient cleaning company.

We will take such burden away from you and help you concentrate on what you do best which is making more money or helping others. We take every single cleaning process very seriously to make sure we deliver on our promises. One of our key objectives is to deliver efficiency without ever compromising quality. Over the past 15 years, Citywide Cleaning Company London has established itself as a true professional and high-quality cleaning company. We have looked after some of the biggest offices in London. We have state of the art systems in place to manage and report on operational activities which can be shared with clients on a regular basis. The system reviews job specifications, contract performance against key progress indicators.

It analysis job delivery schedules and milestones thus allowing our staff to carry out scheduled tasks with a high degree of accuracy. As a field-based cleaning service contractor, keeping track of our Cleaners location is very important to us. We have a tracking system in place which monitors attendance of our operatives at various locations. This system verifies and informs the office when the Cleaner arrives or leaves a site. Here is Our Promise to You! Supervisors carry out regular inspections and checks to make sure we consistently meet the needs our Clients. We use the latest technology and innovative cleaning methods to deliver the best cleaning services for our Clients.

We continue to grow mainly because of referrals from Clients who have used our services before. Citywide Cleaning offers exceptional customer service. Out of hour calls are forwarded to our Supervisory Team who will make sure you are called back as soon as possible. All of our Cleaners have also been vetted and trained up before they can come and work for us. As a Cleaning Contractor, we understand the importance of building and commercial properties insurance to Property or Office manager. Citywide Cleaning provides office cleaning services that can be tailored to suit your schedule. No matter the size of your organisation, Citywide Cleaning has the perfect solution for you.

Our Accounts Manager will visit your site so we can provide you with a bespoke cleaning service. Based on our assessment of your cleaning needs after our meeting with you, we will put a plan in place to deliver exactly what you want from your cleaning services. Our team office cleaners will make sure meeting rooms are always cleaned as part of your cleaning package. We will make sure chairs and tables are arranged before every meeting. We will make sure your reception area remains clean at all times. We are totally aware that this acts as the window into your organisation. Most visitors to your organisation come into your offices via the reception so it would be a priority of our cleaners to deliver exceptional cleaning services. We will put a schedule in place to regularly clean and sanitise your fridges, coffee machines and microwaves. On a daily basis, our Cleaners will wash dishes and put them away for you. We will also dust down, polish and clean floors and sinks. Should you also have common areas within your office for example corridors, lifts and stairs. We will also clean these areas for you.