Cat scratch fever motorhead chords

Let alone playing that riff with a real band will give you a true adrenaline rush. Yes that’s why we love to play riffs. As most of you know the lists on Guitarhabits are in no particular order and they are never complete. The lists are here to inspire and to motivate. You might discover a riff or song on the list that you haven’t thought of before and would really like to learn.

I was thinking about my personal favorite and it’s just too hard to choose only one. There are too many brilliant creations and all unique in their own way. I have a weak spot for almost every guitar riff by John Frusciante or Slash and not to mention the zillion riffs that aren’t even on the list. Thank god it never stops. If I missed out on your personal favorite guitar riff, please share it in the comments. She sells sanctuary’ by The CULT. One of the simple yet amazingly powerful riffs you’ll ever hear I think.

Bitch by the Stones is a great one! Now we know that you are over 40. How bout Rush’s Working Man? Steely Dan, Reeling in the Years. Hi, unreal riff but lesser known is Battle Cry by Saxon. Would love someone to tell me the tablature of the main riff as I can’t find it anywhere. What about Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin?

Ah, I’ve just thought of You Can’t Do It Right by Deep Purple from Stormbringer and what about Live With Me by the Stones — the riff was played on the bass on Let It Bleed, but it was turned into a super guitar riff on Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out! Thanks everyone for sharing your favorites. Any guitarist should strive to learn all of these licks. Example: smells like teen spirit is great and all, but there aren’t any real monumental riffs in it. I would have picked heart shaped box, or even come as you are over smells like teen spirit any day. I know their not fashionable to mention, but what about Aqualung by Jethro Tull. The local Guitar Center has banned it, because so many played it trying out new guitars.

Savoy Brown still gives me chills when I hear it. Only a lucky few even know of this one from an early Lou Reed Live album. The Beautiful People, Marilyn Manson. Impulse by An Endless Sporadic. Allman Brothers near the end of the song? Runnin on a Dream-tom petty and heartbreakers long riff at the end is so good it’s scary! How is it possible that Keith Richards gets only one mention in the top riffs of all time?

Or perhaps Hot For Teacher? And definitely needs something from Santana! Are you all smoking weed ? Dick Taylor’s handiwork should be the stuff of ringtones. Steve Clark used to come up with some great Riffs and was part of what made early leppard so good. When that came out it was like someone had discovered a new way to play guitar.

Later sampled by groups as diverse as Public Enemy and KMFDM. Iggy Pop not once on list, can’t take it seriously. Where’s Cowboys From Hell and Slither? The whole songs a riff! That opening riff is one of the most recognizable and memorable riffs in any song, imho. I think Love Spreads by The Stone Roses at least needs an honarable mention. Heavy Metal is the most riff-orientated genre there is. Candlemas, for example, are a riff machine. November Rain not make it? Pink Floyd has the most perfect riff of all time. Man, I jack that up so loud! Your email address will not be published. Notice: It seems you have Javascript disabled in your Browser.